We are in Killeen

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We focus on our local market, like no other can.

These are some factors that set us apart:

Our servers are local. 

Yes, we are a hosting company; we own and operate our server infrastructure right here in Killeen, Texas. No other company (to our knowledge) can actually claim that.

How does that benefit you? 

Well, if you get company xyz to build your website… They are going to turn around and go buy a domain name from a hosting company like GoDaddy and  host your website somewhere else in the nation. We host your website here in Killeen. Our technical support is here in Killeen, and you will actually deal directly with our technical team. 

Our parent company runs businesses in Killeen and Temple.

We literally started in a garage here in Killeen, Texas. Our expertise is not limited to website development. We can provide you with useful information about Point Of Sale Systems, marketing strategies and other suggestions that may set your business up for success. We can definitely assure you we have tried it all when it comes to advertisement, and we can tell you what worked for us and what didn’t.

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